Maui Family Portrait Fun with the Ching Family - by Karma Hill

I had so much fun with the Ching Family!  The whole family was together on vacation and they knew it would be the perfect opportunity for some Maui family portraits!  It was great to have the whole family there so we could get each individual family as well as all the grand kids with the grandparents.  I can see some Hawaiian themed holiday cards in this family's future..... :) 

The lighting that day was exceptional with soft clouds over the sun but the humidity was very un-Maui like and sweltering! This family was so cool, you couldn't tell it in their photos and they for sure didn't let it damper their fun!  Mahalo Ching family for choosing me to capture your Maui vacation portraits, it was so great meeting you all!!

Time of day: Morning
Location: Southside Beach
Photographer: Karma

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