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First of Many - Stephanie & Paul's Maui Couples Portraits

Looking for a little love and romance, Stephanie and Paul found their way to Maui where there's an abundance of both in the air. Celebrating their one year anniversary, the glow emanating from them was one of pure joy and obvious adoration of one another. The morning light cast them in an illuminating scene as this laid back duo enjoyed some Maui Couples Portraits along the calm coast of Lahaina's Baby Beach. With nothing but the wide open sea and a gorgeous future stretched before them, it was a day to revel in the happiness that is finding your one true match. Stephanie and Paul, we are so happy for you both, and grateful you chose our team to capture this special time in your lives. With many more anniversaries ahead, we hope you'll think of Maui, and us, again for a future voyage from Arizona. Until then, Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Couples Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Baby Beach
Time of Day: Morning

Come What May - Shereen & Adam's Maui Beach Wedding

Proving that, in the end, the most important thing is not the weather, Shereen and Adam enjoyed their Maui Beach Wedding regardless of the rain that fell. These two were so head over heels for one another, we're not sure they even noticed their surroundings. After dating as teenagers, they broke and went their separate ways. That's when fate intervened. Bringing these two hearts back together as adults was all it took. They found a home with one another. With loved ones supporting both near and far, they promised their futures to each other and this stunning bride and dashing groom found a path forward as one. Despite the clouds and rain, it was an incredible moment and we are so grateful we got to share it with them. Thank you, Shereen and Adam, it was our pleasure. We wish you all the best on your journey together. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Beach Wedding

Driftwood & Daydreams - The McNelis Family's Maui Portraits

As the sea swayed at their back, the McNelis Family focused on spending some quality time with one another on the shore. Three year old Rowan was on cloud nine as the gorgeous Kanaha Beach had a plethora of a driftwood to play with. A hit feature with any stick loving toddler. While the youngest little one, Maeve, soaked up the sights with her stunning eyes, mom and dad looked on with pride at both of their bundles of joy. With paradise setting the stage around them, the fun Washington family was all ready to hit the hiking trails after our Maui Family Portraits session in search of the Twin Falls. Not a bad way to spend a day, if we do say so ourselves. If only vacation never ended! At least incredible memories have been formed. And for those too young to remember, the photos will last a lifetime to forever remind this fabulous foursome of the amazing days spent on the Magic Isle. Thank you, McNelis Family, for letting the Karma Hill Photography team capture this moment in time. Until we meet again, Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Family Photographer: Chantelle of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Kanaha Beach
Time of Day: Morning

Maui Family Portraits

A Touch of Wonder - The Meidl's Maui Magical Portraits

Seeking to capture a bit of the wonder that surrounds little ones, the Meidl Family returned to the island and created their own Maui Magical Portraits for us to photograph. Styling and coordinating the design elements on her own, this proud mama did an incredible job creating a dreamy scene for her daughters to play in. With a few of the most adorable ponies cast as the unicorns of their dreams, Miya and Ella spent a stunning morning frolicking among the greenery and wildlife in Kula. With precious smiles ever present, we couldn't believe how much these two darlings have grown since we had seen them last. Add in the whimsy of the farm and it was a picture perfect morning with an awesome California family. Thank you, Meidl Family, for thinking of Karma Hill Photography again. Now you have a lovely session with magic and intrigue to compliment your beach photos from before. It was so amazing to see you all back again and we can't wait for next time!!!
Until we meet again, Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Family Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Kula
Time of Day: Morning

Maui Magical Portrait

Love & Laughter - Nina & Andrew's Maui Wedding

We are fairly confident that they don't come much sweeter, or more fun, than Nina and Andrew. We had the absolute honor of being their Maui Wedding Photographer as they joined loved ones on the rolling lawn of Gannon's in South Maui. With a hilarious wedding party backing them up, the laughs were a constant throughout the night and made for an incredible event that no one in attendance is sure to forget. After meeting on the beach and spending the last ten years together, our fabulous new friends from British Columbia were so excited to take this next step. Andrew describes Nina as 'the most beautiful woman he's ever seen,' so you can't help but swoon a bit at these two. Big hearts and bigger personalities were a common theme among this group and will undoubtedly make for an exciting and entertaining life in the adventure ahead. With the foundation they've built, we see an incredible life together unfolding before them. Nina and Andrew, we cannot thank you enough for choosing Karma Hill Photography to capture the magic that was this night. It was a pleasure getting to know you both and we hope our paths cross again one. 
Until then, Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Wedding Photographer: Cheynice & Tara of Karma Hill Photography
Wedding Coordinator: White Orchid Wedding
Location: Gannon's
Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Wedding Photographer

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow - The Chase Family's Maui Portraits

A few days after we had the distinct pleasure of being a part of their Maui Wedding, we caught up with the Chase Family on a golden night. As baby Ezra's soulful eyes lit up the scene, we got to capture a Maui Family Portrait for this fabulous trio before they headed home to Florida. Though they received a little more "blessing" than one might like on their wedding day, we happily welcomed a gorgeous night for their portraits that allowed them to stay dry and smile as the sun sank in to the sea. Wearing the happy face of contentment that comes after tying the knot, this gorgeous bride and groom were smiles from ear to ear while their little one soaked up the sights. It was an incredible night and we're so glad we could make it happen for them. Jamie and Jacob, we can't thank you enough for letting our team in to your lives. It's been a pleasure. Congratulations on your marriage and beautiful son. Best Wishes in the years to come. Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Family Photographer: Megan of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Southside Beach
Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Family Portrait

Happy Hearts - The Xu Family's Maui Portrait

Under the cover of an overcast sky, the Xu Family rallied on a Southern shore for their Maui Family Portrait. With so much to celebrate, there was no shortage of smile inspiration. Between an anniversary, a birthday, and some good old fashioned grandma bonding time, the love and laughter was out in full force. The Bay area beauties got to enjoy one another's company while leaving the real world behind for a few days. As the sea danced beside them, they could stroll the beach with sand on their toes and a breeze on their face. What an incredible experience for an awesome family to share. Thank you, Xu Family, for letting our team capture the happiness in your hearts. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, and Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Family Photographer: Kyra of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Southside Beach
Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Family Portrait