Album Options from Karma Hill Photography

Printed albums are such a beautiful way to display your professional images in your home and enjoy them with friends and family. You can share your album on your coffee table, slide it onto your bookshelf, or carry it around in your purse to show off! 

Our favorite thing about albums is how they gain more and more sentimental value over time. There's no feeling quite like holding your pictures in your hands and you can have complete peace-of-mind knowing that you'll never have to hunt through Facebook to find 'that image' or worry about loosing all your wedding images if your hard-drive crashes. In 10 years you can sit on the couch and flip through the pages with your loved ones, remember what the day was like. And then just think, in 50 years how amazing it will be for your children or grandchildren to pull your album off the shelf and share stories! Maybe your album could even be the first of a multiple-generation album collection! Albums also make a wonderful gifts for loved ones.

About Our Press Printed Albums: 
Press Printed Albums are printed on digital presses, which means the images are printed directly onto the page, rather than onto photographic paper. Our press printed albums are sturdy and strong, the pages don't bend and the seams are lay flat, with no gutter at all, so you can see ALL of your photos in the design.

Press-Printed Albums include  a hard photo wrap cover or you can upgrade to a leather spine or full leather cover as well. Our Press-Printed Albums are a beautiful way to enjoy your images for many years.

First album top left is a photo wrap cover (included) second album has a leather spine (additional charge) you can see the lay-flat pages in action in the photos above.

The bottom right photo is a great example of the thick pages and sturdy construction of the album.

We offer our albums in four sizes: 12x12, 10x10, 8x8 and 6x6 

The 8x8 and 6x6 sizes are perfect for gifts, you could get a 12x12 for yourself and an exact copy in a 6x6 for a family member!

Album design is complimentary, if you are interested in purchasing an album, contact us for pricing!

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