Dream Filled Day - Kasa & Matthew's Oahu Beach Wedding

On a softly lit morning, Kasa and Matt joined their loved ones on the beautiful shore for their dreamy Oahu Beach Wedding. It was the moment they had been waiting for, a time to celebrate. With the sun waking on the horizon, and the tropical air tickling their faces, they declared their love for one another and exchanged the vows that will guide them through the years to come. With their Maryland home a distant memory, they focused on the romance dancing on the breeze to the sweet sound of the swaying sea. It was a gorgeous day and one we were so glad to capture for them. Thank you, Kasa and Matt, for letting our team be a part of you incredible moment. We wish you a lifetime of happiness as you enjoy the years to come. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Oahu Beach Wedding

Oahu Beach Wedding Coordinator

Oahu Beach Wedding Coordinators

Oahu Beach Wedding Planners

Oahu Wedding Planners

Oahu Wedding Package & Coordination: Simple Oahu Wedding
Oahu Wedding Photographer: Rae of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Waimanalo Bay

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