Golden Shore Morning - Regina & Ryan's Maui Beach Wedding

With their kids on either side, Regina and Ryan looked absolutely radiant with joy as they stood on the golden shore of Southside Beach. Thrilled to enjoy their Maui Beach Wedding under the warm Hawaiian sun, the adorable duo from the Mid-West were all smiles as they took this step together. Blessed with a spectacular morning on which to celebrate this incredible day, the pair that have been together for three years were beyond words. Thanks to a set up by mutual friends, the future looks bright for our fabulous new friends. Thank you, Regina and Ryan, for letting our team be a part of the moment that began a new and wonderful stage in your lives. We wish you all the best in the years to come. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Beach Wedding

Maui Beach Weddings

Maui Weddings

Maui Wedding

Maui Weddings

Maui Wedding Photographer

Maui Wedding Photographers

Maui Wedding Photography

Maui Wedding Coordination & Package: Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Wedding Photographer: Chantelle of Karma Hill Photography
Officiant: Rev. Kuya
Floral: Dellables
Hair Make-up: Mei Li Autumn Beauty
Location: Southside Beach 

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