Cool Coastal Celebration - Kayla & Jeremy's Oahu Wedding

Nestled along the beautiful coast, with the ocean lapping at the shore nearby, Kayla and Jeremy joined hands to begin their new life together. The soft cloud cover created a dreamy scene that allowed our dazzling bride and groom the chance to stare into one another's eyes without any blinding light. It was a stunning evening made all the better by the romance and excitement dancing in the air. As they prepare for the adventures ahead, the adorable Australians wore smiles from ear to ear and could not have looked more head over heels in love if they tried. We were so honored to capture this precious moment in their love story. Thank you, Kayla and Jeremy, for allowing the Karma Hill Photography team be a part of your journey, and your Oahu Wedding. We wish you both all the best as you start your new life, and your new family, with hearts full of love. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Oahu Wedding Photographer: Rae of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Waialae Beach
Time of Day: Sunset

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