Gratitude Galore - The McGrath Family's Maui Portraits

With no shortage of love, laughs, or reasons to celebrate, we had a blast with the McGrath Family. Between grandma and grandpa's 40th wedding anniversary, dad's 40th birthday, mom expecting baby number two, the sheer joy and delight was dancing in the breeze. Of course eight and a half month old Luke was a shining star as well. As the apple of his family's eye, he was such a good sport while being passed from one loving family member to the next. Perfect practice for when he becomes a big brother and will need to go with the flow a bit. We had such a good time with these kind Mid-Westerners and are so pleased to have been the ones to capture their Maui Beach Portraits. Thank you so much, McGrath Family, for thinking of Karma Hill Photography. Wow, where do we begin...
Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, and Warm Aloha!!! ;o)

Maui Family Photographer: Kyra of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Baby Beach
Time of Day: Morning 

Maui Beach Portraits

Maui Beach Portrait

Maui Family Portrait

Maui Family Portraits

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