Rain & Sunshine, Delight & Joy - Carisa & John's Maui Vow Renewal

With ten amazing years in the books, Carisa and John wanted to ring in their special anniversary with a Maui Vow Renewal. Almost as if fate wanted to bless their day, they ended up with a weather scene reminiscent of their original wedding day. Both special dates, then and now, provided rain that would clear up right before the ceremony. In the case of the present day, thunder and lightning danced on the horizon and surrounding mountains, but left these lovebirds dry as they re-affirmed their love for one another. It was a beautiful moment  full of laughter and joy led by the always delightful Rev. Kimo. We were so honored that we could be a part of this milestone with two people that could not be any sweeter. Thank you, Carisa and John, for letting our tea capture this moment in your story. We wish you many more happy anniversaries just like this one. 
Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Vow Renewal Photographer: Megan of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Kapalua Bay
Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Vow Renewal

Maui Beach Vow Renewal

Maui Beach Ceremony

Maui Professional Photographer

Maui Wedding Minister

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