Taste The Rainbow - The Patel & Chao Families' Maui Portraits

So much fun! That just about sums up our time with the Patel and Chao Families. These two fabulous family friends were a riot to spend a morning with. The kids were such good sports, especially once these moms and dads pulled out the big guns...aka the favorite candy bribe. Hey, all of us parents know, sometimes we've got to use what works. These Californians are so sweet and so obviously enjoy sharing vacation time together. They even got a drop-in visit from a set of grand parents whose cruise ship stopped here on the day of their Maui Family Portraits. With amazing anniversaries to celebrate, there was no shortage of inspiration for smiles and we were so honored to have been the ones to capture them. Thank you to the Patel and Chao Families!!! 
Happy Anniversary & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Family Photographer: Karma of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Baby Beach
Time of Day: Morning

Maui Family Portraits

Maui Family Portrait

Maui Family Portrait Photographer

Maui Family Portrait Photographers

Maui Portrait Photographer

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