Seaside Lullaby - The Tan's Maui Family Portraits

When it comes to our children, it can feel like they grow up in the blink of an eye. For this reason, it's so important to capture as much as you can before the moment becomes a memory in the mind's eye. The Tan family had this very idea. For their stunning daughters' first vacation, they wanted to document this epic adventure with Maui Family Portraits. As it was their first trip to the beach, the adorable twins were simultaneously enthralled and soothed by the sounds of the sea. With the fresh air gently caressing their cheeks, the little dynamic duo even caught a few Z's here and there. As every parent of an infant can attest, when the baby is asleep, leave them be! It just makes for more precious moments anyway! Between the doting dads and the precious pair they so obviously love to the moon and back, this cute family from Singapore was a dream to work with. Thank you, Tan Family, for letting Karma Hill Photography be on hand to capture these perfect moments that will become cherished memories. We hope to see you four back again soon! Until then, we wish your family all the blessings in the world. Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Family Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Mama's Fish House Beach
Time of Day: Morning

Maui Family Portrait

Maui Family Portraits

Maui Family Beach Portraits

Maui Family Beach Portrait

Maui Family Photographer

Maui Family Photographers

Maui Family Photography

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