From Pajamas to Picture Perfect - Erin & Max's Wedding Photography

As the clouds whispered across the pastel sky, the ceremony for Erin and Max commenced along the shores of Southside Beach. Opting for an intimate Maui elopement, these two newlyweds wanted to enjoy as much privacy and romance as Maui had to offer which means their Wedding Photography was a realxing experience. Indulging in a quiet wedding and dinner for just the two of them, the whole day and evening were about their love for one another, and the future ahead of them. Since they are each other's best friend, they are fully prepared for the journey ahead. Considering their engagement began while Erin was wearing footie pajamas, they already know a couple of the key ingredients to a happy life: a fun approach to things and a sense of humor. Congratulations, Erin & Max! We can't wait to see you back in the future! 
Mahalo & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Elopement by Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Wedding Coordinator: Emily & Courtney of Simple Maui Wedding
Maui Wedding Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill Photography
Officiant: Rev. Kuya
Floral: Dellables
Location: Southside Beach

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