A Moment In Time For Two - Lauren & Michael's Maui Honeymoon Portraits

When all the planning has come to fruition, the vows recited, toasts given, and dances enjoyed, what's left to do but take a deep, relaxing breath. As much as we love weddings, we equally love Maui Honeymoon Portraits. It's often the first time a couple can really take in the fact that they just got married. This is the case for our adorable Canadian newlyweds, Lauren and Michael. They were whisked off to Maui for their dream honeymoon almost immediately after their nuptials. For them, these photos were a chance to capture this momentous time in their lives. It was also the opportunity to No more planning, no more thinking. They wore the happy honeymoon smiles of a couple without a care in the world. Their thoughts on nothing more than one another. Lauren and Michael, it was an absolute joy getting to be a part of this time in your journey and we wish you all the best that life has to offer. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!
Maui Honeymoon Portraits by Karma of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Four Seasons Resort Maui
Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Honeymoon Portrait

Maui Couples Portrait

Maui Couples Portraits

Maui Couples Photographer

Maui Honeymoon Portraits

Maui Couples Photographers

Maui Couples Photography

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