Welcome Back Raney & Hanson Families! Maui Family Portraits

Almost every year I get the pleasure of photographing the kids of the Raney an Hanson families and sometimes the parents even want to get in a few shots :) The two families make an annual trip to Maui for spring break and everyone has such a great time together! The kids are getting bigger and faster every year so it was amazing that I at least got a few of them all together! The two year old had his own agenda, but thanks so some great big brothers, we were able to slow him down for a few moments! I met the families at the hotel they stay at every year and we got to use the beautiful grounds as well as the beach and the pool!  Mahalo Raney and Hanson families, it was SO great to see you again, hope you all had an amazing vacation!!  

Time of Day: Morning
Location: Kapalua Bay

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