Mini Maui Portrait Session with The Deckers! - by Maui Portrait Photographer, Karma Hill

I have been lucky enough to call the Deckers my friends since waaaaaaaay back in 1996 when we were wee freshman in college.  That is how long Kendra and Phil have been together and I met Kendra just before she met and fell head over heels in love with Phil.  Kendra and I pledged the same sorority as freshman and soon became as close as real sisters, not just the Greek kind.  I still consider Kendra a sister from another mister and she is family to me.  They have been out to visit us in Maui more times than I can count, but this is the first time that I have had them in front of my professional camera.  It seems we are always way to busy catching up and having fun to pause and take time to get photos. I made sure they didn't leave Maui this time without at least a mini session (the night before they left of course!). Their daughter does not like to sit still for one minute, so we pretended we were just going to the beach to play!  She lead her own parade using my fun giant pinwheel as her marching staff and Kendra and Phil had a great time getting wet and sandy playing with her in the ocean.  After the shoot, we all changed in to dry clothes and enjoyed one last sunset together with our families, for this trip.  I miss you already Deckers, I hope you can make it out for another visit soon!!

Time of day: afternoon/before sunset
Photographer: Karma

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