Magic of Childhood Portrait - Lexie the Mermaid - by Karma Hill

 I have been wanting to do a mermaid shoot forever.  As a child I was obsessed with them.  Lexie was the perfect little mermaid turned girl! Her long flowing locks and cute little mysterious smile just fit perfectly and the custom made driftwood swing, headpiece and belt also kept the feel of the shoot. It had been raining in central Maui for a week when we finally got a break in the rain and were able to do this portrait, the clouds made for some gorgeous yummy lighting which gave the photos a dream like feel.  What a FUN day!  Huge thanks to Lexie and her family, it was such a pleasure to get this stunning and sweet little girl in front of my camera!!

Time of Day: Sunset
Location: Kanaha Beach
Photographer: Karma
Styling: Karma
Dress: Dollcake

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