Jinky Art Photography Workshop Shoot Number 3 - by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

This is the third in a series of blog posts I am writing about my experience at the Jinky Art Photography workshop I took in November in California, you can see the back story about the workshop on the first blog post here:
I have to say, I was completely out of my element on the first part of this shoot.  As someone who lives for soft glowy light, this shoot in the trees was a huge challenge.  The light was flat and dark behind the subjects and the trees were gnarly and not that "pretty" tree that I love.  It took me a while to decide how I was going to edit them. My usual style just looked awful with them  then as I was playing around with them, I started taking them darker and started to like the look better, I decided to give it a moody feel, like you might not know what or whom might be lurking in the shadows behind. Barb the leader chose this amazing long skirt she had made custom just for this shoot, I adored the way it flowed and looked on the swing.  You might see a reincarnation of this shoot by me that has a swing and a flowy skirt, but this time with that glowy light and green trees that live in my dreams. After this set up we played with a parachute and balloons and the adorable girls until there was no more light.  All in all it was a very good learning experience and forced me to step outside my comfort zone!

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