Jinky Art Photography Workshop Shoot Number 1 - by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

About once year I try to do something that pushes me as an artist, this year it was the Jinky Art Workshop in Pacifica California.  I have been wanting to take this particular workshop for YEARS but they were always in far away places like Australia and New Zealand. When I heard that Barb Uil was coming to California for a workshop I booked it immediately! Barb is the creative mastermind behind Jinky Art her work is awe inspiring and artistic in a way I had never seen before.  I wanted to learn about her creative process and how those amazing shoots she does come to life.  She was so kind and such an open book, I learned a lot and can not wait to try out some new ideas. During the workshop Barb set up 4 shoots for us to learn with her.  This is the very first shoot on the first day of the workshop, turns out, I think it was my favorite one.  The lighting, the adorable boys the epic location, just amazing.  I tried out a new editing technique on these photos, I am trying to follow what my little creative heart wants and that is soft soft soft dreamy, glowy soft yes soft.  Many photographers obsess over images being tack sharp, I prefer soft. That is not to say that the images are out of focus, just that we see reality in everyday life, I want my photos to feel a bit like how you see things in a dream state, just a little fuzzy around the edges. I am going to post each shoot we did separately as I edit them.  So here is the first one!

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