Jinky Art Photography Workshop Blog Post #2 - by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

This is the second in a 4 part series of blog posts I am doing about my experience at the Jinky Art Photography workshop.  You can see the first one here:  to learn more about the workshop itself.

I have never done a lifestyle photography shoot, ever. Hard to believe! This is the style of photography where you go to someone's house and shoot a little "day in the life".  We did a little mini version of this type of session at the workshop and I learned a lot about how to pull this off.  While I don't foresee it being something that I do a lot of in the future, I did enjoy it and I am going to be using it mainly to better document my own kids at home.  I also learned I really like black and white for this type of shoot, it just feels more raw to me. So here is shoot #2 of 4!

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