Welcome Back Coburn Family! - by Karma Hill

I first met the Coburn family Waaaaaaaaay back in 2007 when I first started my business. I was so happy to hear that I would get to work with this wonderful family again! The very first time we met I did photos for them at their hotel, this time we chose a different location not far from their hotel, Maluaka beach. It was a bit overcast but otherwise a very nice evening with pretty soft light, that is until it started POURING down rain!! We all ran for cover but it wasn't letting up. Thankfully we had already gotten in a full hour of photos before we had to stop so they still ended up with a well rounded collection. Mahalo Coburn family for finding me again and I hope it isn't another seven years until I see you next!! 

Time of Day: Sunset
Location: Maluaka Beach

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