Second Time's the Charm! Schmidt Maui Family Portraits - by Karma Hill

The Schmidt's booked me to take their family portraits three years ago but ended up having to cancel due to their son getting a wicked heat rash! Such a bummer!! Well, this time when they came back to Maui, they decided they were going to try again to get family portraits with me and I am so happy that it all worked out this time!! The Schmidt's are from my home state of Washington and I had a fun time chatting with them about what's going on back home, seems as though traffic has gotten worse, although it's hard to imagine and a new trend is urban farming, Chickens in the city, who would have thought!! Our Maui city chickens are more of the "free range" type. I once saw one walking through the Wendy's drive through, I thought, "now that's chicken to go"! No matter where we live though, family is the same and this family absolutely adores their energetic and adorable little boy.  I had a great time trying to keep up with him running, jumping and yes dancing throughout our photo shoot.  Mahalo Schmidt family for choosing me as your Maui photographer, I hope to see you back again soon!!

Time of Day: Morning
Location: DT Fleming Beach

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