Maui Vacation Portraits The Lilienstein Family Preivew - by Karma Hill

I so enjoyed meeting and getting to know the Lilienstein family!  They planned a family trip to Hawaii after their oldest son graduated from High School, one last family trip before he heads off to college and after that, the "real world".  Mom wanted not only some great shots of them as a family but also of their two boys together as brothers. I have to say this warmed my heart as my boys are also three years apart, as are the Lilienstein boys, it gave me a little glance into the future and it was a good thing. These brothers got along so well and really enjoyed spending time together. That is what any parent would hope for in siblings and I am happy to say I loved getting to witness and document it!! Mahalo Lilienstein Family for choosing me for your Maui Vacation Portraits, it was so great to spend time with all of you!!!

Time of day: Sunset
Location: Baby Beach Lahaina

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