Maui Kids Portraits - Raney & Hanson Keiki - by Maui Photographer Karma Hill

This is the third time I have had the pleasure of working with the Raney Family and the second time with the adorable Hansen Kiddos! These two families are the best of friends and they take an annual trip to Hawaii to relax and spend time in the sun! The families are from my home state of Washington, so I can appreciate the need to escape in the winter!! This time instead of meeting at the beach, I met them at their hotel and took advantage of the beautiful grounds for their Maui Kids Portraits.  It was great as the kids had more fun, not having to get in the car and drive and they had lots of room to run around! Usually dads are the least likely to want to be photographed. This shoot was a little different, the dads had a special request they surprised me with at the end of the shoot. They wanted a mini "Stepbrothers" inspired shoot. I have to admit as fun as it was, it was hard to take cheesy photos on purpose!! I had fun with the post editing, employing all my own pet peeves when it comes to portrait photography to create an awesome super adorable and cheesy result! Mahalo Raney and Hansen Families, it was so great to see you again!!

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