A Maui Beach Wedding - Naomi & Don's Maui Wedding - by the Karma Hill Photography Team

We had so much fun photographing Naomi & Don's Maui wedding. This playful couple was staying at Kahana Village on the West side of Maui and it was pouring rain all day long. Just before their ceremony began, the rain cleared and the sun emerged from behind the clouds. The whole sun was glowing gold on the water beside the condos and we decided to celebrate right there on the beach overlooking Molokai. From beginning to end, their ceremony was so cheerful. They were hugging, kissing, dancing, smiling and laughing. It's weddings like these that make us so happy to be Maui Wedding Photographers. Thank you so much Naomi & Don for choosing Photography by Karma Hill. We had so much fun with you guys. We hope your time in Maui was full of sunshine and happy memories!

Maui Wedding Coordinator: Simple Maui Wedding
Photographer: Ajja of Photography by Karma Hill
Officiant: Reverend Joe Miles
Time of Day: Sunset

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