Emmett's 2nd Birthday Party!! - What a Circus!!

So when you have a mom who is a photographer and loves Pinterest, this is what you get. Over the top, I know, I just can't stop once I get started!! Our sweet little Emmett turned two and was surrounded by lots of friends and family as we ate cotton candy, rode ponies, made popcorn and bobbed for apples. It was SO much fun and Emmett is still trying to sneak cupcakes as he enjoys his birthday gifts.  The ponies were from Maui Ponies they did a great job with the kiddos and were so sweet to work with!

One thing I just love about parties in Hawaii, everyone's slippers by the front door!

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Maui Vacation Portraits said...

All the pictures were so cute, you a such a great photographer :) Loved the ones with Emmett with the cowboy hat on with his curls popping out and Brayden soaked bobbing for apples.