1 + 1 = 12, The Shelton Family Portraits Preview - by Karma Hill

There are not too many families like this anymore! And there are even fewer of these large families that have the courage to take 12 kids to Hawaii! My dad is one of 13, and I always wondered what it was like for him growing up, I feel like I got a little glimpse into his life working with the adorable Shelton family.  First I have to commend them on their wardrobe choice, I stress out trying to dress my family of four for portraits! Secondly, I have to say how great all these kids are, you can really tell they care about each other and love being a part of their big family. Hat's off to you Shelton family for welcoming so many blessings and making it look easy! Also big Mahalo to Brooke for second shooting and helping make the session fun for the kids!

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