Maui Anniversary Portraits - Marybeth & Larry's Preview by Naomi

Marybeth & Larry were visiting Maui to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.  They chose to document this special occasion with some beautiful anniversary portraits.  They met our fabulous associate photographer Naomi at DT Fleming beach in west Maui.  Naomi and I love that location for it's variety of scenery, mostly empty beach and beautiful soft light.  Naomi had a great time chatting and learning their story on that beautiful evening.  Mahalo Marybeth and Larry for choosing Photography by Karma Hill to be a part of your 25th wedding anniversary!!

Maui couples portraits
Maui couples portraits by Photography by Karma Hill

Maui anniversary
Maui anniversary portraits, Dt Flemming beach Maui

 Images ©2013 Photography by Karma Hill

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