A Fun Fourth Birthday for my Brayden

From time to time I like to share personal stuff on my blog :) We just celebrated our oldest son's 4th birthday this past weekend.  He chose a Construction theme and I immediately went to my best and worst friend for party planning, Pinterest.  I seriously have to restrain myself, I love Pinterest for the great ideas, but hate it for making me want to do it ALL! As a full time working mom of two, I don't have the time to do all the crafts, baking and other home projects as I would like, so I think I use my children's Birthday parties as a way to make up for that LOL.  It all turned out great, even if I had to stay up until midnight the night before to make it happen, and above all else, my darling son Brayden was happy, and that is the real prize. 

The amazing cake was done by the talented Sharon at Hawaiian Cakesations  it was a hit and tasted as great as it looked!

No party in Hawaii would be complete without Spam LOL Brayden specifically requested the Spam Musubi.


April said...

I found this post from pinterest and I love your son's party. I especially love all the signs you did. Did you make them yourself?

Steve and Karma Hill said...

Thanks April! I did not make the signs, I purchased them here:

Cara McMillan said...

SO cute! Also found this on Pinterest. Love the photos of your son hitting the pinata!

Anonymous said...

I am having my son's 4th birthday party in a few weeks and also doing construction theme. Were you able to purchase the Home Depot tool belts in a store or did you have to order them?

Karma Hill said...

The Tool Belts were available at our local home depot store, about a buck a piece!

Bhavna said...

wow..perfect. Looking to have a construction zone for my son's 4th birthday party. Your boys are wearing perfect you remember where you bought them?