Sisterly Strength - Photography by Karma Hill

After sisters Angel, Brenda, and Kathleen were all diagnosed with Breast Cancer within a one year period, they put their game faces on and found strength in one another. Now, after being featured on The View and The Today Show, among other mediums, they are speaking out about their experiences and helping to spread the word about early detection. These three beautiful women are all in various stages of treatment or recovery yet they continue to keep their heads up, voices loud, and spirits strong. A primary focus in the wake of Breast Cancer Awareness month for theses ladies is to save other women from the fate of finding out a diagnosis too late. While we have to be our own advocates where our healthcare is concerned, it's nice to know we have these warriors in our corner as well! Thank you to the O'Brien sisters for your courage, strength of character, and for letting Photography by Karma Hill be a part of your trip to Maui! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

To read more about their story, check out their webpage:

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Barbara said...

Three Beautiful, and Strong Woman! The Photos are Spectacular!