Happy Holidays from The Hills! - The Hill Family Portraits

It is that time of year for the family portraits for the holiday cards! There has been many a time, when editing a family portrait session that I shot, I wished that I could have the same photos for MY family.  Of course it is impossible for me to take my own family portraits short of cloning myself (which would be handy in so many other ways, but I digress...) well this year, it is different!  I am lucky to have Naomi as a part of our Photography team now, she knows my style and how I like to shoot and was kind enough to come and be the "Karma clone" I always wanted! I took all the photos that I was not in, then for the ones I was in, I had Naomi use my camera, with my settings and my lens selection and asked her to frame up shots as I had in my mind.  She did an amazing job and I finally got the images of my family I had in my head! Naomi is an awesome photographer in her own right, and I know it takes some patience to shoot how somebody else wants you to, so thank you Naomi for putting up with me and my craziness!! 

I have been scoping out this grove of palm trees at the Maui Tropical Plantation for months.   At a certain time of day the sun just streams through them giving them this amazing ethereal quality.  The first time I saw them at that time of day, I knew that is where I wanted my family portraits.  The whole property is really amazing, but those palm trees just called to me!  A vintage radio flyer wagon from ebay and a trip to Old Navy and we were in business! 

I also have to thank my dear friend Adiel Cline, co-owner of Salon 253 and her sister Lauren,  a stylist  there as well for taking time out of their amazingly busy schedule to do my hair and make up for this shoot. Lauren is the hair extension master and makes my baby fine hair long and luxurious, like I always wished it could be (they offer this service at the salon ladies, if you have always wished you had long pretty mermaid hair call them, it has changed my life, I swear!  It is fast, easy, lasts and doesn't damage your hair. )  Adiel worked her magic and did my make up and styled my hair. I felt like a million bucks after I left the salon, you ladies truly have a gift for bringing out the best in people.

So, with that, happy holidays from my family to yours, thank you to all our amazing clients, friends and family who have made 2012 our best year yet!!

 Steve, shot these, so typical, Mom, put down the camera and pick me up! 

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