Practice makes Perfect! - Jose Villa & Jill Lafleur Workshop

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a wonderful workshop for photographers put on by the amazingly talented and world famous wedding planner/designer Jill LaFleur and one of the most sought after wedding photographers, Jose Villa
In addition to learning new photography skills we also touched on Branding, Marketing & Packaging your business, tips on Styling/Designing events, tips on Destination Weddings, and the importance of capturing the details among many other things!  We got to shoot a beautiful styled wedding set along with beautiful models at an amazingly beautiful location, The Haiku Mill.  The team from Pacific Weddings was also there to give us a magazine editor's prospective and tips on how to get our work published. As a working professional I never want to get stagnant or bored so workshops like these keep me on my game, keep me challenged and also allow me to connect with the awesome people in my industry.  Mahalo Jill for bringing this workshop to Maui, I am so happy I could be a part of this!!     

This shoot was also featured in the very first edition of the Sweet Violet Bride magazine! We are so happy we could share this beautiful styled shoot!


And one behind the scenes one :) Courtesy of my friend Anna Kim:

Joanna, Jill, me, Jose, Anna and Robyn

Also I want to give a shout out to ALL the vendors that made this workshop possible: 

Joel Serrato  
Mar Romero  
Karina Puente  
Kate Holt  
Amber Moon  
Angela  Marcaccio
Lisa Ceci Johnson
Diana Perrin  
Marty Dread  
Erin Smith  
Morena Giordano
Jeff &Jason  
Steph & Maroe Smith
Joeylene Soares  
Maggie Austin  
Karen Lindner  

Jannie Baltzer  


 Images ©2012 Photography by Karma Hill

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