Reunited and it Feels so Good - Maui Wedding Photography preview by Maui Wedding Photographer Karma Hill

Somaly & Steven are such an adorable couple!! I had so much fun working with these lovebirds.  This couple was so amazingly in love, I hardly had to direct their photos at all, pretty much everything they did naturally was just adorable.  Steven is gone for long stretches of time for his work so up until just before the wedding they had not seen each other for months and months.  What a great thing to do on a break from work, go to Maui and get married!! Steven has to return to his work overseas so this time together was very special, they decided to elope so they could just be with each other and cherish the time they had.  I have to say some of my absolute favorite weddings have been elopements.  The focus of the wedding day is exactly where it should be without a lot to distract from the real reason for a wedding, for two people in love to join together and pledge to spend their lives together supporting each other and building a future together. Mahalo Somaly and Steven, it was my absolute pleasure to be a part of your wedding day!!

Wedding Coordinator: Simple Maui Wedding
Officiant: Reverend Keith Pagan
Floral: Dellables
Brides Hair and Makeup: Salon 253

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Anonymous said...

Karma, you never cease to amaze with your photographic skills! What a beautiful couple and beautiful wedding!