One Half Of A Whole - Joselyn & Jr.'s Maui Wedding

Wow! That word best describes everything about Joselyn and Jr.'s wedding. It was a spectacular evening shared by this beautiful bride's twin sister. Yes, it was a double wedding! How cool is that!? The four newlyweds were like peas in a pod and could not have been any cuter, or funnier, together. Joselyn and Jr. were so blessed to have loved ones gathered from both sides of their family, traveling from Texas and New Mexico, sharing in the joy of their big moment. Dressed to the nines, this was a fabulous looking bunch, but most importantly, they were a supportive group. With tears of joy, they cheered for the newly minted Mr. and Mrs. Joselyn and Jr. Thank you so much for letting our team be your Maui Wedding Photographers to capture this incredible day for you. What a blast it was getting to spend time with all of these smiling faces. We wish you all the best in your journey ahead. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Wedding Photographer: Jenny of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Gannon's
Time of Day: Sunset

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