A Moment To Remember - Ashleigh & Jordan's Maui Surprise Proposal

On a windswept evening, with the sun light fading in the distance, Ashleigh embarked upon a stroll down the beach with Jordan not knowing what awaited. The moment unfolded just as Jordan had planned, and the Maui Surprise Proposal was met with cheers of joy. Hiding in the wings, capturing from afar, our very own staff photographer Jenny was playing along. After the reveal was made, and proposal accepted, it was time for some romantic portraits to help celebrate this terrific night. This gorgeous couple so much fun, and so obviously in love, that the excitement and romance in the air was practically tangible. With an intimate dinner at Merriman's to top off the evening, it will surely be one that neither of them forgets. Thank you, Ashleigh and Jordan, for letting our team capture this magical moment in your lives. Congratulations & Warm Aloha!!!

Maui Engagement Photographer: Jenny of Karma Hill Photography
Location: DT Fleming Beach
Time of Day: Sunset

Maui Surprise Proposal

Maui Surprise Proposals

Maui Beach Surprise Proposal

Maui Beach Surprise Proposal Photographer

Maui Engagement Photographer

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