Luve & Pritha's Maui Engagement Portraits

Luve & Pritha were recently engaged on Maui and we were happy to take their Maui engagement portraits. Staff photographer Cheynice met them at Southside Beach last week and it was a gorgeous evening! The sun was shining for most of the portrait but as it went down beautiful colors took over the sky. Thank you so much Luve & Pritha for choosing us for your Maui Engagement Portraits!

Photographer: Cheynice of Karma Hill Photography
Location: Southside Beach
Time of Day: Sunset
Maui Engagement Portraits

Maui Engagement Portrait

Maui Couples Portrait

Maui Couples Portraits

Maui Couple Portraits

Maui Couple Portrait

Maui Photographer

Maui Photographers

Maui Engagement Portrait photographer

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