A Truly Magical Children's Portrait Session with Madeline! - Magical Children's Portraits by Karma Hill Photography

So I have this amazing team of Maui photographers and we all shoot all kinds of things and it is fabulous and we love it! But there is one little corner of my business that I keep all to myself and that is my Magical Children's portraits. It is a passion of mine and I get SO SO excited when I see a booking come in for a "Magic of Childhood Portrait". I adore kids and how sweet and natural they are and I also adore going a bit over the top with styling, and this shoot encompassed both of those things :)

I worked with Madeline's mom over the past few months to nail down exactly what they wanted and chose locations for them based on that.  We started at Baby Beach in Lahaina just after sunrise, so we got those beautiful soft pastel colors. They wanted some natural ones to start in her regular clothes to show off her sweet personality and the way she looks right now in real life. Then we did a princess trash the dress, which I LOVED.  I loved showing Madeline's girly side, then showing that she also likes to have fun and play in the sand and get dirty as well.  Finally after some amazing hair and makeup, we went to the jungle to do the most magical part of the shoot.  The jungle is SO magical on it's own, then to add this beautiful girl in a fabulous dress and sparkly gold makeup, it was just almost too much for me to handle!! I swear I expected to see a fairy or two peeking around the trees! Alas the only thing with wings we saw were chickens, which to Madeline was almost just as good, if she could have caught one, she would have!

I have to send a huge thanks to Madeline and her mom, I had such a blast working with you and I hope I get to see you in Maui again in the future!!

Maui Children's Portraits

Maui Children's Portrait
Meet Madeline! "She's intelligent, she's caring & cautious. More than anything she's funny! Sometimes she says things that are so quick witted that I can't even believe that she had the maturity to say it." - Maddie's Mom, Summer
Maui Magical Portrait

Maui Magical Portraits

Magical Portraits

Magical Portrait Session

Locations: Baby Beach Lahaina & Jungle at Honoloa
Time of Day: Morning
Photographer: Karma Hill
Hair and Makeup (Jungle): MeiLi Autumn Beauty
Pink and Red Dress: Dollcake